The idea was to be able to walk in someone's shoes through the music they listen to. It might be a road trip, or a walk in a romantic park -- and you'd be able to share the 'public's playlist' based on where you are.

What it does

SHARE - users can choose songs and share what songs they're listening to at a particular location or stretch of walk

LISTEN - users can listen to the most played songs by others users based on their location

How I built it

Flask Python for the backend Firebase as the database HTML, CSS and Javascript for front end

Challenges I ran into

We changed our ideas 8 times and spent a lot of energy changing our ideas.

Thus, we could not technically execute it very well.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Not much. We took showers?

What I learned

Don't keep changing ideas.

What's next for Echo

Maybe we'll build properly next time.

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