Travelling by air is Ubiquitous. Yet boarding and deplaning are done very inefficiently worldwide. Using Mathematically proven and published research, we implemented an optimal solution which accounts for limited grouping, baggage loading and unloading delays, priority passengers with handicaps and families and luggage load balancing

What it does

Given an aircraft configuration (narrowbody currently, tested with A321-200 and B737-800, two of the most common AA aircraft), number of passengers (with bags upto 2 carryons) and class, we provide a manifest and boarding order which optimizes boarding and deplaning time.

How I built it

python backend, Vuejs frontend

we made our own version of these research publications:

Steffen, Jason H. "Optimal boarding method for airline passengers." Journal of Air Transport Management 14.3 (2008): 146-150.

Milne, R. John, and Alexander R. Kelly. "A new method for boarding passengers onto an airplane." Journal of Air Transport Management 34 (2014): 93-100.

the steffen method is explained in the video

our version optimizes number of passengers, bags and groups

Challenges I ran into

the implementation builds on research work and is a novel approach, displaying the efficacy was a challenge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

this is actually publishable work!

What I learned

vue animations are hard

What's next for Journey

run experiments on multiple plane configurations and publish findings

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