Have you ever wondered what others in your city have been up to? Have you ever wanted to relive an event from a new perspective? This desire to stay in the loop and become part of a larger community was what motivated us to build journé.

What it does

journé is an Android app that allows users to anonymously post photos attached to their current location. These photos are available exclusively to users who are in close proximity to the original location.

How we built it

journé was built using the Android SDK for the app and Python together with Flask for the backend. The backend runs on an AWS instance and uses MariaDB to organize all the information.

Challenges we ran into

Our team consists of mostly first-time hackers and the tools we worked with on this project were new to many of us as well. Working under the time constraints and learning new frameworks as we went along was certainly challenging but also a great opportunity to learn.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Apart from the pride we take in the technical aspects of our solution, we are really proud of the user experience our app offers. With just a few clearly labelled buttons and a focus on the essential features it is a real joy to use and feels both polished and intuitive.

What we learned

Some of us were able to get a head-first dive into a new language (be it Python or Java) while for others this was the first time actually setting up a database or a server.

What's next for journé

A feature we are going to add is an "explore" option. This will display a map of the user's current location with any submissions in the nearby area. The user can then decide to check out the submissions in his area.

Another feature we hope to implement is a timelimit for how long submissions stay visible (for example, after 24 hours all unopened submissions are no longer available). Along with this, the user can expand and view each image only once before it disappears forever.

A third feature we see in journé's future is to do with a store in the application. While the store is currently implemented, users are not yet able to purchase anything. Users currently collect points for submitting photos through the app. In the future, we plan to implement a store that will allow users to buy packs of stickers and filters for their photos with their points earned. There is also a possibility for monetization, where users can buy points that can be used towards the stickers and filters.

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