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In recent times, one of the critical issues for society today is the issue of trust, truth, and legitimacy in a digital world. Technology has exponentially expanded the human capacity of information but it has done relatively little to slow the development of misinformation, hate, and abuse. The next era of technology would not only be concerned with simply allowing people to communicate but how to communicate humanely in a way that promotes truth and ethics. Journalists are on the frontline of this millennia-old struggle and it is about time that technology can help them as well.

What it does

Our platform 1) Provides a place for journalists to build credibility in a fashion that is suitable for the era of the Internet. 2) Provide a plugin that allows readers of online publications to conveniently gauge Journalists with a reasonably accurate benchmark value for credibility and a link to our platform that would provide further resources for deliberation.

How we built it

We used React JS, Material AI for the Front End Platform, wrote the plugin with raw HTML, CSS, Javascript and Express/Node to handle requests to a MongoDB database. We were also experimenting with the Google Cloud NLP API. We used Google Cloud to host Express

To coordinate remotely we used a Discord chat channel and Zoom for remote desktop sharing

Challenges we ran into

We originally tried to train a machine learning platform but scraped it when we ran into issues with formating and Web scraping. None of us were familiar with building Google Chrome Extensions so we had to learn it from scratch. We also had to make sure everyone was getting enough rest to last the full 36 hours

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We cooperated seamlessly and worked very hard, often learning new techniques and technologies from one another.

What we learned

Be prepared and expect things to go wrong Learning new things is challenging but rewarding Coordination is key Rest is important

What's next for Journaly

Explore solutions to AI-generated Fake News, Further exploration for how to facilitate trust and credibility on the Internet

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