The real world is too dynamic, so at this moment almost every person can be a content-creator. There are a lot of possibilities right now: games streaming (, youtube gaming), short videos/stories (instagram, facebook, etc.), life streaming, etc. But the field of news video content is still almost unreachable and it forces people to create content with the help of text-based resources. Our inspiration for current project: create a mobile studio, that will help you to create video news content and stream it to existing/custom platforms.

What it does

Current application has possibility to stream video from your cameras (both front- and back-side) to existing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch (in fact, every platform, that supports RTMP streaming protocol). Besides that, application in nutshell is a audio/video mixer, thus it has possibility to show and to mix different overlays into single video stream, i.e. you have possibility to create different visual effects: running text to your viewers, make transitions, while switching cameras, demonstrate any photo from your Library, etc. to make your content better.

How we built it

We built iOS mobile application, that captures video from your camera, mixes it internally with other overlays, adds audio, creates H.264 frames and streams them to requested existing streaming platforms.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging problem for us was video mixing, due to limited and complex API, that provided by Apple.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of achieving our goals in developing news streaming application, with limited knowledge in different areas of video processing on mobile platforms.

What we learned

We've learned that mobile platforms are capable of video mixing/processing even in complex scenarios. Besides that, we've learned that low level API, provided by Apple, is highly limited and forces you to spend a lot of time on research/workarounds.

What's next for journalugo

We will try to improve our application in terms of video mixing/processing (chromakey, custom transitions, scene switching, complex overlays, picture-in-picture, etc.). We have plans to provide the core functionality of our project in form of Framework, that anyone can use. Besides that, we have plans to evolve this application into standalone broadcasting/mass media system which will be content delivery platform for independent journalists and content creators.

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