Journalist Helper

We all know that journalist is a hard and intensive job. In order to publish a perfect article, they need a lot of works and efforts to collect all exact important and critical data. In addition, their work has to be up to date. Unfortunately, after a few months, or even days, their work will soon be expired and replaced with a new fresh data article by other colleagues. For that reason, they have to continuously seek out for new data, new stories to maintain their career. Our project is to reduce their stress of work by making a real-time embedded application for them to maintain the new data on time. Moreover, the climate change problem affects our live drastically years by years. The rising of sea level, temperature around the Earth is threatening gradually all species including human, us. The fastest way to raise awareness of communities is using media, especially by internet article. Combining all together, our project will solve both the problem by one simple solution, embedded web application.

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