We want the uploader to be able to store journals permanently with low cost, and enable the uploader to have the option of collecting payment from readers in an efficient way.

What it does

Journals are uploaded by the uploader (author) to the blockchain in Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), which is stored permanently with little one-shot cost. Uploader has the option to make it free or with charge, in the latter case, LUNO system will be adapted and BTC & ETH payments are available for the readers to pay.

How I built it

We started by analysing the (blockchain -> information) translation mechanism, followed by integrating such mechanism into our website, making a user-friendly form for uploader and readers to enjoy. Then, we integrate LUNO's pricing information in, and relate the payment option open for further integration with LUNO wallet.

Challenges I ran into

The translation mechanism was hard to understand, and take, despite worthy, a huge amount of time. The payment button was a bit troublesome as well, but more or less an HTML issue.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are one of the first few permanent data depository using blockchain, and probably the first ever journal (text-level) depository using blockchain. BlockJournal is also a vivid example as an extensive usage of LUNO.

What I learned

Time management is definitely crucial. The understanding of the translation mechanism may be solved by smarter ways, and a better understanding on what LUNO could offer should be done at the first stage.

What's next for BlockJournal

A revised version with legal and filtering mechanisms should be available, followed by further payment integration with LUNO.

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