Team 5: Journal Buddy


As a result of the pandemic, social isolation has become a major problem within our community Preliminary surveys suggest that within the first month of COVID-19, loneliness increased by 20 to 30 percent, and emotional distress tripled. We empathized that social needs must be prioritized for holistic wellbeing Recovery orientated app to help people cope with loneliness & isolation Tech feasible, economically viable, and desirable product We came up with "Journal Buddy" to help you communicate your feelings better in a safe environment.

Feasibility - Execution Plan Give a plan and timeline of how and when this would go from idea to product Business Analysis – 2 weeks. UX/UI Design – 3 weeks. Back-end and Front-end development – 8 weeks. Testing – 3 weeks. 16 weeks (3+ months) Feasibility - Financial Give a financial projection for the short and long term. Development one time expense: 10k Advertising Expense - Google Ads 13/day (4000/yr) (160-290 clicks/month) Social & chat integrations Expense (1200/yr) Dev tools, libraries and support (1200/yr) Developing App Update Submissions (2400/yr) Data Storage (3600/yr) Hosting on AWS: $5,000 first year and then would grow based client base Backend Servers (0k/yr) We have a serverless model. We use cloud functions First Year: $ 25,125 Subsequent Years: $20,000 Premium Benefits Revenue Choices $12.99/month $59.99/year $299.99 one-time purchase lifetime subscription

Expect to see first year revenue of $50k Feasibility - Market Strategy Determine the required strategy to succeed in the market. Using government grants, start-up fundings, and relying on user subscriptions to succeed financially and build our user base Our subscriptions (monthly, lifetime) allows for users to access extra features on the app Social Impact Identify an issue and show how their idea is a reasonable solution, or support, for a problem related to one of the following categories: COVID-19, Supporting underrepresented groups, Eco-Living , Mental Health. Living at home has made maintaining our mental health more challenging than ever. We created a recovery orientated app to help people cope with loneliness & isolation and supporting them to help themselves. Tech Implementation - User Experience Design Ensure you utilize design philosophies to curate a product that is easy to use for consumers. Our product is user-centered, relying heavily on user emotions and input to guide their goals and feeling interpretation Tech Implementation - Proof of Concept Have you proven that your idea is technically feasible and implementable? Yes! We did this by creating a wireframing and coding how the app would work! Pitch - Professionalism Did you choose the correct technologies for the task? Do you have a feasible implementation plan? Yes, the app was able to work and voice to text recognition was utilized effectively to help with journal entries

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