My friends and I like to travel and it would be cool to have a place to share and store digital documents in a place free from mass data collection.

What it does

The journal application is a server which stores and displays journaling documents. These documents might be pictures, videos, sound clips, markdown, html, etc.

How we built it

At the very back end, we use postgis to store the geospatial data. From there tegola organizes the data into tiles that can be read by mapbox. For the non-geospatial data, we simply store files in the filesystem with a specific schema.

Challenges we ran into

One major limitation we ran into is that tegola does not do ingestion of data. So, we had to hack together an ingestion mechanism. Also, using tegola and mapbox, there is not really a way to serve data on a per-user basis, so I had to generate an individual style for each user which filters the other user's points.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating the tile ingestion mechanism was cool. The design is actually pretty good.

What we learned

Hacking is tiring.

What's next for journal

Polishing the various parts of the server to gracefully handle errors, polishing a pull request for ingestion in tegola

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