JOURINAL is the Journal for the Urinal! That's right, the FIRST AND ONLY app dedicated for use in the bathroom! JOURINAL is HANDS FREE, which is a MUST in such an environment! Like Apple's Siri, you can speak commands to JOURINAL and it will respond! Ask for SPORTS or POLITICS or TECHNOLOGY to both see, and hear (in the actual voice of Siri, no less!) the news from a variety of trusted news sources, all of which can be re-configured in real-time from our server in the cloud.

Bars, restaurants, and similar establishments can mount an iPad 1, 2, or the new iPad, or even an iPod touch or future iPad Nano on the wall, above a urinal or on a stall door, ideally behind a plexiglass locked wall mount. The app runs continuously, listening for keywords in order to display, and speak, the appropriate content!

JOURINAL is a fun, next-generation solution for a VERY targeted audience. Embedded non-clickable ads can help promote branding for a highly captive audience. Imagine automobile, cologne, antiperspirant ads, not to mention beer and other beverages which could be purchased immediately upon "finishing" at the urinal. "Now that your tank is empty... fill 'er up, with Bud Light!"

You've read the WALL STREET JOURNAL... But JOURINAL is the BATHROOM WALL JOURNAL that reads to you!

For your consideration...

Quality of the Idea (includes creativity and originality): It's an original, no doubt. Nobody else has the initiative... or the balls, to make an app specifically for the urinal!

Implementation of the Idea (Includes how well the idea was executed by the developer, user experience and design) - Hands-free is a MUST for such an app/experience, and it's hot on the heels of Siri, and even uses the same voice! Beyond the bathroom, JOURINAL can be used in the car or by the visually impaired to quickly hear today's headlines in a variety of categories.

Potential Impact on Media Innovation (Includes whether the application offers a new user experience of content, a new means of distributing media content, and/or highlights a potential new media business model) - OMG! This is what JOURINAL is all about! You have a captive audience, male demographic, and a whole new advertising medium that's fun, funny, and buzz-worthy. JOURINAL gives new meaning to capturing eyeballs! Private-label versions of the app can be customized for restaurants, bars, etc. Demographic-specific ads can be shown, etc.

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