My wall is covered in sticky notes, I needed to have them everywhere. With this app, I can access my random ideas on any of my devices, anywhere.

What it does

It stores all your ideas (organized by threads) in a database that is linked to your phone number. For example, there is a "Project Ideas" thread on my account that stores all my sticky notes related to projects I want to create.

How I built it

With xCode and Google Firebase.

Challenges I ran into

I had to buy an official Apple Developer Account for silent push notifications. I experienced a lot less stupid mistakes as I do in the past with projects which was really reassuring. Scaling the app to different phone sizes was a big issue as well. Trying to create an interface while adhering to the time constraint was very challenging for me. I didn't have time to test out different ideas so I just had to play it safe.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementing my own hamburger menu (there is no official API), organizing the database very effectively, verification codes sent to phones, and the overall look and feel. Each cell scales based on the amount of text, the hamburger menu recognizes swipes left and right, and the overall program is very easy on local resources (ram, cpu, network, etc). For a one person project in a couple of hours, I'm very proud of what I ended up creating.

What I learned

How to use APN certifications. How to code my own hamburger menus because Apple doesn't believe in them. Saving information directly to the device (used this because the user will close out of the app to open messages). How to pass variables without the use of segues in Swift by using NotificationCenter.

What's next for Jottr

Siri integration, submitting to the App Store, add the ability to insert formatted text (using mark down), add support for photos, add support for small sketches (really helpful for project ideas), and much more.

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