Made by: Joseph Babbitt, Dan Shafman, Eric Jiang, and Brandon Wood

What it is

A way to maximize your notetaking space and offload what you can't fit into the cloud.

How it works

An symbol is captured via an iphone camera app. Then transfered to a server. A computer running node.js grabs the image and uses a python script that we made using OpenCV and point regognition to convert it into mathimatical points. Then, that computer uploads those points to the database. A chrome extention running on the users computer then opens a page to assign the symbol to a link. At that point, any time the symbol is rescanned by the camera app it automatically opens the predetermined link on the computer.

The TL;DR version of what you just read

We do a bunch of processing so that you can just scan and have your link appear like magic.

What we used

  1. Swift and an iPhone app
  2. Firebase
  3. Open CV
  4. Python
  5. Node.js
  6. Chrome extentions
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