JotDown originated from minimalism. We wanted to create a simple space for people to jot down their moments of epiphany—a text editor that requires no signup nor login and offers a clean interface free of all distractions.

What it does

JotDown is a website that allows you to write freely without the clutter in modern-day text editors. Simply visit the website, start writing, and leave when you’re finished—your local storage will use cookies to store your ideas for future visits.

How we built it

We built JotDown with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The core design of the website was created with HTML and CSS. JavaScript was used to store the notes in local storage, store user preferences in the form of cookies, set up keyboard shortcuts and run some of the page animations.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we encountered was having a shortage of time. We had many more ideas than we had time to realize them, but we will continue to improve this project even after this hackathon ends.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of producing a fully functional website with a minimalist design, as well as being able to share it with everyone through our live site. Our website is also fully responsive—it can be used on any device, because inspiration can strike you at any time.

What we learned

The main thing we learned from this project is how to use cookies with our code. We also learned how to dynamically switch between themes using a mixture of HTML and CSS.

What's next for JotDown

JotDown is currently live! In the near future, we hope to implement more features that increase customizability, including custom user themes, live markdown preview, and more settings to better the typing experience.

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