JotBot is a Google Chrome extension that implements Optical Character Recognition from Google Tesseract to extract text from images. The project was designed for students who have online classes or to help make note taking from webpages more accessible for those with learning disabilities. I have many friends who take notes while taking online classes, but sometimes the lecture slides move way too fast for them to copy down everything, which led me to the idea of creating JotBot!

How does JotBot work? We used Chrome's capture tab function as well as Google Tesseract's OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities to be able to extract information from your browser every time you click on the extension. It was made primarily using javascript, with some HTML and CSS as the front end. Considering that I had never learned Javascript in depth, especially calling in a javascript library, I learned a lot about implementing different components of a project together and approaching a project holistically.

As my first hackathon, I had a couple challenges that I faced throughout the course of making the project. I got stuck quite a few times - creating this project demonstrated the importance of commenting and keeping track of what every bit of code does. This made solving bugs much easier and systematic - though some definitely took a lot of thinking. Working non-stop also taught me the importance of taking short breaks to stretch my legs. Clearing my mind definitely made the code a lot clearer when I came back to it!

Please feel free to ask questions or contact me, and thank you for visiting my project!

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