[Kaitlyn] When I interview people for the student newspaper, I often record the speaker and jot down notes on my laptop at the same time. To pull out quotes from my audio recording, I have to guess where the quote is in the recording, and oftentimes this means relistening to the whole thing and trying to dig out the quote, which is time consuming. Without the audio transcript backing up my hand-typed notes, it’s also difficult to decode them. With JotThought, I can view my notes and the audio transcript section pertaining to them, letting me make more sense out of them. [Tim] When I tried recording a lecture, the audio file wasn't useful because the transcript was one big block of text.

What it does

JotThought consolidates your audio notes from your recording of a lecture or interview with physical notes you took during that lecture or interview. On one screen, you get the transcript of the audio combined with your own words, and you have the ability to star sections of the recording that contain important information you want to go back to.

How we built it

Our program uses the revspeech api to transcribe recordings with extreme accuracy.

Challenges we ran into

We are all new to programming applications, so we had to learn a lot on the spot. We originally tried to make a website, but found that we could not make calls to the rev API through our browser, so we needed to adapt.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a beautiful UI and we appreciate how great the transcriptions from rev are.

What we learned

HTML (not used), CSS (not used), how to use and rev

What's next for Jot Thought

Next, we hope to build in more functions and to improve the appearance. We would like to make an app that supports tablets, phones, and laptops. There can be an improved link between notes and audio transcript by using time stamps. We can also improve the speed at which this program runs. Other features include highlighting, formatting audio text as lists, and marking up through touchscreens.

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