Have you ever struggled with getting your work done? Up to 95% of students struggle with procrastination and time management. We, as a team, have personally experienced this ourselves as students, and wanted to find a solution that would be endlessly useful and fun. Thus, Jorji the Corgi, a physical and mobile task tracker was created.

What it does

Jorji the Corgi is a physical task tracker with an integrated mobile app. The physical timer with a task tracker is in the form of a cute corgi with two buttons and an OLED screen to display the time remaining for your task. Once the time and task has been set and started by using the buttons and patting Jorji's head, Jorji will begin tracking it on the mobile app. On the Home tab of the app, you can view Jorji completing the task with you! The app then will display your progress and statistics from the current and past days, weeks, months, and years so you can compete with yourself to keep improving on the Stats tab. Additionally, you can set goals in the Goals tab. When you make progress on the goals and complete them, you earn coins! These coins can then be spent in the Closet tab on outfits you can digitally place on Jorji, a fun incentive for you to meet your goals.

Where do Jorji's Come From?

Using our innovative Bluetooth Technology, we utilize an ESP32 to transmit the progress made on the physical timer to the in-app experience. Along with your metaphysical friend in the app, your physical pal will display the timer countdown using an OLED Screen. Jorji's biggest qualm is the way we treat the planet, so by using an Organic Light Emitting Diode Jorji makes a paw-sitive footprint!. Jorji themself is made from 3 separate 3D printed components and comes altogether to be your best focusing friend.

Building a Better Jorji

Unlike it may seem, Jorji has not always been a "good boy". React + the ESP32 only works with the infamous BLE [Bluetooth Low Energy] and it's not known for a particularly great reason. Through much trial and bites Jorji is still in the process of learning; however, with a few extra treats and a strong discipline, Jorji will be your perfect pet for years to come!

Paw-Some Status

Jorji is our pride and joy and we hope to onboard this revolutionary focus technology into the workforce starting at the college base. We are most proud of Jorji's kind demeanor and their capability to learn/adapt. Jorji will continue to be THE dog on the block for some time to come.

Why Jorji?

Mastering new technology is difficult, but not impossible. Just like a little dude I know. However, with a strong training group and a few Corgi Crackers nothing is impossible!

What's next for Jorji the Corgi?

With a few tweaks and a bit more time, we hope to implement more features that involve better Bluetooth connectivity, an increase in communal input, more customization options, and an eco-friendly manufacturing process (including power efficiency!).

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