As incoming freshman, none of us had any idea as to what the good housing options were. The official UCI website alongside other review sites were vague, and as a result we mostly guessed when choosing our houses for the next year. Choosing where you live is an important aspect of college, as location, look, and a plethora of other factors are all important considerations. We hope to facilitate the process in choosing a home for you.

What it does

Anyone can input a housing location on our app. If the location already exists, the user can write a review explaining more in detail the aspects of daily life or living conditions in the dorm itself. This allows the review to be more genuine and accurate based on the overall quality of the dorm.

How we built it

We built it using Google app engine, Google NDB, Python, HTML, and CSS. We worked together using git and split the work up, mainly between front-end and back-end

Challenges we ran into

Thinking about a name is something that's always hard to decide on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making an app that kind of works.

What's next for JOPPER

We can implement our app for other schools. We know that each school has their own unique sets of housing situations, so if refined, this site could be used across the country as well. If we focused our app on just UCI, then we could go into finer detail about each housing community, and expand it to include other

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