Jop continues to morph and develop every day.

The EU vs VIRUS matchathon was a big success and we are thankful for our new pledges and team partners. We are migrating to the EU VS VIRUS platform We are starting to build a business on this as we have been encouraged by leaders and mentors to continue to mature and develop. You can find our project website for business (now a special project of Ninjamoba LTD) and the new website from the EU to make a sponsorship pledge We ask you to contact us at ether of these places regarding sponsorships and team issues.

Our Problems

Because of Covid-19 remote education has become the standard. Kids, Parents and Teachers are currently confined to electronic education. In this transition away from 1x1 teacher contact and physical classrooms where kids learn with other kids - there's problems. Stress on kids as they adapt to learning entirely at home - and staying focused. Stress on parents as they assume the role of teacher and caregiver - while holding down their jobs and dealing with adult issues. And stress on teachers as they adapt to a completely different mode of education and curriculum. Frequently asked questions emerge that take a lot of time of the teacher - what is my home work? - where do I find my homework? - what are my childs grades?. Time that the teacher could be using to help kids learn. For schools stressed by budget - time is money.

Our Solution

**Jop, an AI assistant helping teachers, parents and most of all kids to cope with the education challenges of COVID19. A fun edtechbot can free up teachers and staff. We do this by: answering routine questions about where to find homework, grades, scheduling and meetings. Then your teachers can get to providing education rather than IT support to students. We’ve got a chat interface for managed learning systems. We’re looking for Schools both public and private, universities, and ministries of education who would like to integrate AI. We offer bespoke machine learning solutions that will be trained by how your school works – rather than plain vanilla.

We aim to take away some of the stress on the short term and use this crisis to kickstart a new way of learning, tackling some of the existing challenges in education. We provide a careful policy of design thinking with privacy and security built in. Safety in our kid friendly information design and security for the school platforms to ensure the protection and care of students and families.** .

Our way forward

Jop’s mission is to be the best assistant to students, teachers and parents. Because we believe and support that only the best is good enough for children that represent our future. We work on principles of validated value creation for our customers. Therefore we are focusing not on one, but two approaches to gathering reliable data in order to continuously develop, fine-tune and validate Jop as complete solution to child/teacher/parent friendly assistant in any situation of home/remote/online learning situation, such as current COVID-19 crisis. Market and customer research that is done in short term cycles, providing validated data for our constant improvement. Academic research, which validates Jop’s ability to adapt to any psychological, educational, and developmental requirements of the children. Jop supports and provides relief not only as assistant, but as all rounded support and guidance solution. Jop adapts to needs and styles of children and education specific requirements of schools.


This project evolved out of needing a solution for the stress experienced by teachers, students and parents now, during the crisis - but also even during the best of times. We have parents and teachers in our business family who all need a helper to sort and keep track of the details, commitments and requirements of providing excellent education for our children. We formed as an adhoc team for the Dutch Hackathon - Hack the Crisis and focused on developing a remote education solution. We have several disciplines represented in the team and when we were all talking together lightning struck and Jop was born. We entered The global hackathon next - and now have just finished EU VS VIRUS hackaton. We performed very well at all three, but most notably in EU VS VIRUS, being the largest hackathon in the history and we won in our track: #EUvsVirus Hackathon (challenge: Family life during remote working & education).

Why Jop

Jop stands out from other solutions in remote education with its possibility to adapt to any environment. Jop complements existing remote education tools by connecting them in one place, guiding the user through its education endeavors as well as establishing fluent communication in education setting. With its AI component Jop is adjusting to each and every of user needs. Offering a guiding hand for individually tailored education realization on one side (students, parents) and automation and optimization on other hand (schools and teachers). Making remote education easier, better tailored, more efficient and enjoyed by all its users. In the future this ability enables Jop to move from home to school environment and back, together with the students. Supporting teachers and students in any situation and circumstances.

Jop in healthcare and special needs settings

Jop's well rounded and flexible approach to supporting implementation of remote education can be adapted for use in hospital-based school education, education of long term absent children due to health issues, children with special needs and developmental disorders.

How we built it

The prototype is built with Node-red and Watson AI. Jop currently lives on IBM servers. We are platform agnostic and prefer open source tools. We are an AI assistant chat interface for managed learning systems.We are built to scale.


Our challenge to find a central organizing helper for remote education is faced by the whole world today. Diverse skill sets during ideation are a challenge for any team to reconcile - we captured the essential vision of Jop without sacrificing anything to the alter of technology limits. We face scalability and finance issues ahead as well as growing our team's technical execution. Our dream is really, really big. Working with a random access, always on intelligent agent in the center of teachers, students and parents can potentially disrupt education - we hope in a good way.

Im really proud of

Fenne Dijkstra who brought all we had to put it together into an amazing presentation and pitch during Hack the Crisis, and further moved this along in her work on the global hackathon. We finished 7th in the education track, not too bad in a field of over 850 ideas. This really brought our project together and made it real to us.We next placed in the top finalists in remote education in the Global Hack Over 12k participants from 100+ countries worked on 500 life-changing projects. - And we just won first place in remote education in EU VS The Virus - top forty out of 2100 international projects.

Special thanks to sponsors and hackathon team members

We are proud of all the sponsors, members, hackers, advisors and participants that have joined the team over the previous hackathons to make Jop great. While the Eu VS Virus hackathon has ended. Special thanks are deserved to previous team members during the Eu VS Virus Hackathon: Mike Schmidt, Sonali Patel, Janza Lenassi BiancaHofman GiuliaCiviletto, Angelique Plugge, Sophia Katrenko Special thanks to our mentor Angele GIULIANO thanks to team members during The Global Hack, Angelique Plugge Sophia Katrenko Rieta Aliredjo

Please contact us regarding any further credits that we may have missed as the number of people who participated has been quite large. We hope to work more with you in the future and are grateful for you.

What's next for Jop

Now that these hackathons have vetted us we are receiving unprecedented interest and traction - Universities are teaming up with us for academic study of our platform. Entrepreneurs are interested in using our product and consultation in their business developments. Business angels are getting onboard. We've been invited to provide a front end for machine learning educational system.

What we are looking for

We are looking for first national and regional ministries of education to engage us as consultants for enabling intelligent assistant chats into their existing learning systems.Teaming up with local authorities is the quickest way to market that we can see. Every jurisdiction and school creates education according to their local customs and laws. We are ready to deploy an adaptable solution and plugin to the existing API standards and security protocols. Our solution saves teachers and staff time - and is budget friendly. We need sponsorship next for our IT development and technical architecture. Now to provide consultation and tailor the solution.

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posted an update

We are continuing to evolve Jop and are revisiting team developments as some team members have left and new ones are coming on board. We are negotiating new business opportunities to commercialize our success - please join us on the journey.

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posted an update

great new team members and excitement - changed chat interface and removed password for the weekend - removed random search function when Jop doesnt know an answer - It occirs to me we could use a JIRA

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posted an update

Jop has come a long way in the last 48 hours - from last weekend's ideation session to this global challenge has been a great ride. Fantastic team with a stellar attitude and massive professional skill - not only to make ideas but to execute. We have a working assistant that can get files - answer requests for help and answer simple questions about Covid. We have an awsome product video and business model fleshed out - and we have the validation of the educational community that we are surrounded by. WHATS NEXT!?!?!

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