The next-gen Jukebox

Sharing music in your peer group is outdated. When we came up with Jook, we wanted to provide an easier and faster way for people to share their music in different social situations such as in a car, or at a party.

What we aimed for was a plug and play device similar to a jukebox, where people would be able to edit a playlist by adding their own music from their mobile phones.


For prototyping, we used a raspberry-pi to act as the device that would eventually be, the Jook.

The project consists of two pieces of software :

  • an Android app
  • a python script running on a raspberry-pi (the Jook)

The raspberry-pi is basically transformed into a media hub with the mobile app acting as a remote that can pause, play, skip and add music to a "global" playlist found in the raspberry-pi.

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