In Malaysia, you can pay utitlities bills if you walk up to the payment counter and pay cash. There are other channels which you can make payments such as cheques (checks), online transfer, ATM fund transfer, etc. Recently there is this 'new' JomPay payment infrastructure. I thought it will be cool to build a payment chat bot using the JomPAY infrastructure.

What it does

My Jom PAY Chat Bot will be the new payment channel where customer can make bill payment thru chat bot. Currently, it has integration with FB Messenger. Integration with other chat channels will be carried out soon. The following shows biller code and other info required to make payment using JomPAY.

bill code image

How I built it

I follow this resource to build the board.

Build Lambda

Follow this link to create the bot's lambda.

create lambda image

Create a custom Bot

Sign in to create a bot.

create bot image

Create an Intent

create intent image

Create Slot Types

create slot types image

Configure the Bot

configure bot image


utterances image

Slot type: jompayBillerName

intent slots image

Error handling

error handling image

Build and Test the Bot

Build Bot

build bot image

Test Bot

test bot image

Publish the Bot

publish bot image

FB Integration

Follow this to integrate with FB Messenger.

On the FB integration page at Channels tab:

configure channel image

On Webhooks setting on the FB developer portal:

webhook image 1

webhook image 2

Samples of Voice Interactions

Sample 1

sample1 image

Sample 2

sample2 image

Sample 3

sample3 image

Sample 4

sample4 image

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge for me is there are a lot to learn. There are tons of meterials to cover, Luckily, there are a lot of good documentations, tutorials and videos around to help.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have some experience with Lambda. But I am totally new to Lex and FB Messenger integration. I am glad that I manage to learn all these new knowledge and finish the project.

What I learned

Mainly I learned Lex Bot building and voice interactions which is very different from visual interactions. In designing voice interactions, you need to get down to those nitty gritty details of selecting important utterances from lots of speech structures.

What's next for Jom PAY Payment Chat Bot

At the moment, Jom Pay Payment Chat Bot is a POC (proof-of-concept). The integration with fulfillment service is not implemented because it is not easy to convince the financial instituitions in Malaysia to try something new without proper study and preparation. However, I hope the implementation will be carried out in the near future as chat bot is a convenient and effective channel for bill payment and other fulfullment services.

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