Whats the best way to resolve differences . Yes that's right jokes . Humour is the best way to make new friends and who doesn't want to listen to a humorous thing. Listen to jokes on my website right now and in the run add some jokes to your collection. Make new friends and laugh together.

What it does

It basically do what it says . Tell jokes and create humour . BUT BEWARE it tells jokes in a very computerish way

How we built it

It was build with html5, css3 and vanilla javascript . It is powered by the power of apis . Joke api provides the joke we desire based on the form input . Then the responce is given to a Voice rss api which converts this string data and gives us the appropriate audio file data . We can then use this responce data to play the joke audio file .

Challenges we ran into

Most difficult thing i faced during this project was handling css as i am very poor at it . Besides that i had a hard time choosing the right api for text to speech conversion .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Now you and i can learn new jokes everyday .

What we learned

Working with apis, advanced javascript functions like (fetch . async , await , forEach....)

What's next for Joke Teller

Voice rss api also comes bundled with several endpoints and payload you can send to the api . I would really love to add those options to this api . Imagine how a native chinese voice will pronunciate an english joke xD.

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