People should take some breaks when reading a boring pdf book so these jokes help people stay happy and stress free when reading boring pdf books

What it does

When you run the extension the application will listen to see how far along the book you are, at certain intervals it will make a request to our serverless google functions API that we built , and fetch joke, then read it out to you.

How we built it

We came up with the idea to cure boredom during reading texts! We made a Chrome extension that can cure reader’s boredom mood during reading a text. We build a UI for the extension using HTML and CSS. Then we build an event listener to listen and see how far the user(reader) has scrolled. We use javascript and google cloud functions to make api request for the joke and storing it as audio buffer. When the user scrolls a certain amount, it will make an API request, and fetch a joke audio, then read it out to you.

Challenges I ran into

-playing audio from buffer data array since we have to send the audio data over URL using a JSON object -figuring out how to use google functions and text to speech -we have never built a chrome extension before

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Able to collaborate with people we have never worked with before -learning new technology -working to a deadline

What I learned

Google functions serverless tech, nodejs, chrome extensions, processing audio buffers into actual audio,

What's next for Joke Reader

customise jokes by user.

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