Nothing gives you more thrill than a pair of 12 Gauge and a double barrel. Pairing that with some internet trends like Jojo, you got a hell of a funny combination.

What it does

It's a platform game that uses the momentum of the Cowboy and the shots from his shotgun to navigate through the stage. You need to navigate through the spikes and drops to find the best way for yourself to get to the sheriff star at the end of the level. Some path requires tight movements on platforms while some are just spikes overload.

How I built it

We choose to use Unity as our platform due to its flexibility and wide community support. We divided the entire game into three parts: Arts and design; Levels + Mechanics and UI. We then divided the parts into four sections for each one to complete and then assemble them together.

Challenges I ran into

  • Unity is new to most of us, most of us do not have that much experience making games using Unity. Especially the rag-doll physics and shotgun physics for the main character is pretty hard to figure out.
  • Trying to integrate different parts into the main game without breaking the game and causes thousands of errors
  • Timezone. We all live in different countries, it is pretty hard to find time to exchange information and keep all of us in sync.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Currently, at this stage, we have the following list of things working:

  • The physics (Rag-Doll player, collisions, shotgun physics. )
  • One level for testing. (We are still relatively non-experienced and we do not have enough time for more)
  • Basic UI (Menu, ending)

Outside the game we made, we also learned a lot about Unity and game development in general. Rag- Doll physics is super fun to mess with.

What I learned

  • How physics works in Unity.
  • How Unity works.
  • Teamwork is super important.

What's next for JoJo's Wild West Adventure

For the future, we are planning on doing the following:

  • Add more levels (one is definitely not enough)
  • Better UI
  • Add enemies and boss fights into the game.
  • Add a proper ending (maybe a story-line for the player to follow).

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