Our lives as entrepreneurs, techies and digital creative types are scattered across many apps and platforms, consuming a senseless amount of time and energy. In our workflow, we get inspired, take notes, bookmark things, curate content, look for teams and advisors, network, manage tasks etc. We end up spending more time juggling all the tools needed for this than actually being productive. This becomes costly, painful and distracting. Joint fixes that.

What it does

Joint consolidates typical steps of creative and project work into a single, contextual platform, enabling the management of our entire creative lives. It's geared towards freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads, who are involved in multiple projects, numerous circles of friends and often need multiple physical and legal identities to address all of their varied interactions. Joint uses Self-sovereign identity frameworks like Sovrin, for managing credentials to prove qualifications and build trust among peers in the network. Joint also features an intention matching layer, meaning multiple market places can be built inside of it, working with the contextual nature of our lives.

How I built it

Built as a product to suit our own needs, we tried to solve problems associated with the work most creative types face in the digital domain. The approach was to tap into the power of contexts as the main organising factor, to make it reflect real life.

Challenges I ran into

A complex suite that Joint is, requires a lot of low level logic and correct approach to structuring of the data. UI has a lot of weight to carry - all of this is addressed in Joint, but it was quite challenging to get right.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're using the Joint prototype to work on Joint itself - to gather info, schedule projects and tasks, share content and collaborate. We have also created an elastic framework to sculpt Joint - it is much easier to test out new ideas, form view etc.

What I learned

That even boldly ambitious projects can come to fruition if pursued consequently. We see Joint as a very interesting alternative to the current siloed user experience - a digital home, consolidating fragmented apps used for the digital creative process.

What's next for Joint

Seed funding round and MVP launch.

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