We want to answer this question: How many people are on the basketball court? Tennis Court? Football Court? Soccer court? around me and right now

The app is about finding how many people are playing Tennis, Soccer, Football,basketball around us and join them. If the app find 3 persons on the tennis court, 10mn ago, then you probably have a chance to play 2 on 2.

joinSport Team member: jeffrey huang - 10 years old ios engineer Jianli Huang - mentor and dad Dan Scharoni - ios engineer luc ibata - ios engineer, leader and product owner

Jeffrey and I share the same story.

Hello everyone,

My name is Jeffrey Huang. I am from Chicago. I am 10 year old and I like to play soccer.

My dad and I are visiting Silicon Valley, California for a couple of weeks. Besides to have

fun with programming and museums, I would really like to play soccer here and meet

new soccer friends. How am I going to find kids who live nearby here, like to play soccer

like me, and are available in a similar schedule like mine? How many times did you wish

to do something similar during your vacation for yourselves or your family?

To help people with such unmet need, our team is working on an App to allow you to

quickly find out information about people with similar interests, in the close proximity,

and with similar availability. This App will allow you to register an account, add

information on interests, use map to track your location, and add availability information.

You will be asked to grant access to your device location in order to fully use the

mapping function.

In addition, our App will also allow you to create or join local groups with similar

interests: sports, studying, technology, programming, food, and so on. It will enable you

to locate individuals nearby, help suggest time and location to meet, and suggest

activities that are interested by multiple users. You can fine-tune the suggestions by

indicating how far you are willing to travel and for which interest. Our App also has a

calendar of different events that has been suggested. This will allow you to quickly

browse all the events that are going on or will happen soon.

Furthermore, our App will also create notifications for you based on your calendar when

you have free time and what events to look out for. You can also publish your own

events so other can join them. You can also search ongoing, planned or suggested

activities by date and interest.

I hope our App will help me this time and future when I am traveling. I hope our App will

help many of you to maximally enjoy your time no matter where you are.

Thank you!

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