Improving the mass invitation process for multiple social circles to impromptu events.

What it does

*Connect using social media, import contacts across all platforms

*Create smart groups to sort all contacts from different social circles; group event preferences will be saved

*"Think", "create", and "invite" using smart event card templates within seconds

*Option for invitees to "contest" the event "location" and "time" using a upvoting & downvoting

*Sponsored event "ads" curated for the user, generates revenue

How we built it

*We combined our mobile design knowledge, with our web development skills to create a mobile app without Java or Objective-C (or Swift).

*The design process involved brainstorming UI elements using pen & paper, creating a rough wireframe using Balsamiq, creating design assets using Adobe Photoshop and Sketch 3 (Bohemian Coding), creating beautiful and efficient user flows using Invision.

Challenges we ran into

*Avoiding aliasing and keeping the images crisp on such a large resolution (1920 x 1080 px)

*Creating a mobile application with HTML and CSS (using a plugin)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

*Crisp graphical assets

*Simple & intuitive UI

*Designed for all target personas and use cases in mind, for both the average user and the power user

*Drawer animation (hamburger menu)

*Cute penguin

What we learned

*Never code a mobile app using HTML and CSS

What's next for Joinmi

*Use machine learning to suggest and auto-populate reoccurring and recommended invites

*Further backend development, servers, etc.

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