We really think that people who's working at human resources are as in despair finding a properly applicant as us triying to find our soulmate, so we inspired it on the popular dating apps.

What it does

A part from a traditional applicant filter, we also implemented a psicological profile filter based on artificial intelligence to find better applicants faster than ever!

How we built it

We made a TypeForm quizz that exctrart information about the psicological profile of each user and because the person whos trying to find employer doesn't know what kind of applicant they need, the more they use Joiner, better the resuls will be. In order to make the app more portable, we decided to build in on Android platforms.

Challenges we ran into

We never worked with API, JavaScript, Firebase, TypeScripts, Web Apps, Glitch... We think we've performed a miracle being able to finish the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We didn't slept, we've made a very wide app, that involves a lot of knowledge in different sectors and we are also very proud of our teammates and the organizer of this hackathon.

What we learned

Too many things to be told in words.

What's next for Joiner

Maybe a lower level of API implemtation with the companies that provided them for us to make Joiner more responsive.

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