A study to characterize breast cancer apps from iOS & Android stores revealed that majority of them were intended for patients (75%). Less than one-fifth (19%) mentioned references. Involvement of expert medical personnel was lacking.

What it does

Joined Hands brings together everyone on a journey to beat Breast Cancer, including early suspects, patients, caregivers, medical community, volunteer communities, organizations, all of which can register on it. There are 2 key ideas: 1.Anyone can connect to anyone across communities, and 2. Support (financial or otherwise) is available to those who truly need it. Authenticity and accuracy of information and resources, ability to attain timely expert advice, ability to provide financial & non-financial support to those who truly need it are some key challenges we intend to address with our solution

How I built it

UI: Angular, React JS Backend: Node JS, Express JS Database: Mongo DB Implementation can be done at a country/region level as per demographic and legal requirements. We all connected virtually and built it jointly.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into a lot of system issues - one of our team members system crashed on last day due to which we could not incorporate few of functionalities in final submission. Additionally we worked on this in parallel to our existing work commitments, so we had to judiciously split our time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Within a relatively short time frame we could put together an idea that was well researched, addressed gap in market, as well as built an end-to-end solution integrating front end, back end, DB together. We are also proud of our team work and collaborative ways of working, respecting opinions and offering constructive criticisms. We are also proud to work with Jamie, our coach who provided a lot of valuable feedback along the way.

What I learned

We learnt a lot about Breast Cancer, our topic for hackathon and associated challenges etc. We also got to learn about the commitment ELC has towards this cause. Some of us learnt new technology features.

What's next for Joined Hands - Wipro Rapid Prototyping Team

We would like to finish up the rest of our modules, or see someone work on this, so that it can be taken from MVP to a full blown solution.

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