Intuitive mobile applications, fast and simple events sharing.

What it does

Invite people for your party or browse other's parties in your area with just a simple tap! Use your camera to share activities - we know your location, let us draw a marker on the map for you! Easy, fast and efficient! With TRNQL, the application always shows the most accurate personalized data just for you! You mustn't worry about the weather outside, we provide you with the relevant information on that!

How I built it

Patrick created the Android application using TRNQL smart weather and location services and Norbert made the backend part as well as servers management.

Challenges I ran into

Resizing images and showing all events within a specific radius and time offset.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We achieved most of our goals!

What I learned

We learned how to plan our work and how to solve loads of new programming challanges!

What's next for Join My Party

In the future we intend to add a private mode - making activities sharing possible only within specific groups!

Built With

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