Playing & Learning is a critical for Kids. Kid has a time and time means a good chance for doing good things and learn new skills. But Kid needs to play and have fun. This is why I got inspired from the idea of learning while you are playing and have fun. This is way I decide to invent a new character which is a kid called Mariam. Then I designed many journeys that Mariam will go through and will needs help from her friends

What it does

With each new Alexa session, this engine choose random Story from Stories pool. Each story consists of many story parts. Each story part will ask kid one questions, this question can be

  • a quiz that need correct answer. if answered correctly Kid go to next part
  • a selection question so kid choose one of 2 categories. based on category chosen, kid will go in a different streams inside this story

if Kid answer question wrong or asked for help, each story part will have a hint so Alexa will tell this hint to kid. Also kid can check cards on his mobile to get more clues.

Each journey will focus in certain type of information such colors, countries, mathematics,..

How I built it

This is done using Alexa as front end and Lambda function as a backend. All data related to stories are saved in DynamoDB. This give me a great flexibility in adding new stories to ensure that Kid will always be engaged to this skill and will not use it one time only

Challenges I ran into

  • For sure the main issue is to get kid response in different slots and at the same time you need to extract Kid answer and compare it with correct answer to act accordingly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Build a flexible engine that can handle all stories types without need to update in code. Skill is certified in 10 DEC 2017

What I learned

I did many Alexa skills before but this was first time i used Alexa Skill Kit SDK. This SDK make things more easier

What's next for Join Mariam Journey

On Weekly bases I'm adding a new Story so Kids always like to come and find a new story and learn new skills

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