In recent years we have been overflooded with a lot of information and technologies, but the pandemics changed the way we live and perceive value. JOI is our companion that helps us assess our past choices and chose better ways to focus on what really matters - to better enjoy our lives.

What it does

By integration with your most loved applications, retrieving information from your daily routine, we learn how you manage your time and disponibility and provide insights into how to improve your life quality and how to make better decisions in the future to improve your resilience and reach your goals.

How we built it

We integrate activity data from Apps like your Calendar and Classify that Data Bottom UP into different Key Categories (Work, Health, Food, Social and Self Care ). We then were able to merge it and report on its Patterns to summarize it into a 24Hour Profile on which we can then set the High-Level Goals to achieve our personal Balance. To target the gaps between the Activity Profile and your Personal Goals the App shares potential Appointments to your Calendar, you can just Reject or Accept the proposals and our App will learn from it. Finally by using Microsoft PowerApps, we created a functional prototype that represents the Innovative idea we introduced in the project

Challenges we ran into

Coordination across timezones was not that easy, but in the end we think we successfully overcame this challenge! Apart from this, we had a issue exporting our application from Microsoft power-apps and make it publicly available.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our product, that looks completed and pretty. We are proud we could brainstorm the ideas and develop our working prototype.

What we learned

We learned to prioritize time planning such that it is possible to have an MVP asap and then keep expanding from there. We also got a chance to explore many open-source dataset to back our AI algorithm. We also got opportunity to get our hands on Microsoft Power-apps and rapidly develop applications.

What's next for JOI - Just Own It

JOI will help ourselves be more aware of our own Time allocation and how it impacts our days +++ JOI will likely integrate more sources of Activity towards an Happier Life. +++ JOI will likely Help others become more aware, of how their own choices may impact their Lives.


->Add a Mood Rating in Your Activities ( 3 Mood categories 3Negative to 3 Positive Stars/ Hearts / ....) -> From your Activity Pattern, visualize in your Calendar your "Gap to Goal Areas" & Allow you to share them in your calendar ( "Instead of just Busy & Available allow friends the visualization of "Recommended Time areas" for when you are trying to Work Home / be Resting / be eating / be exercising / be by Yourself) -> Allow adjustments & improvements via Recommendation transparency. "We are all just aiming to Sustainably be our Best" For Prizes, rewards, badges and community recognition ->Share your achievements & efforts... our community will always value & learn from them! "JOI can speed up your personal growth" -> With a wide library of performance practices peer-reviewed & community rated Articles. "Benchmarking your personal performance with privacy, facilitates your focus & prioritization towards your Joy" -> AI workflow optimizers can recommend productivity hacks, tools or even Experts to help, mentor and guide you!

Built With

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