Farming is a commonly misunderstood horizon in tech. It is one of the most innovative and important fields as climate change quickly encourages us to improve our capabilities together. We hope to focus our attention on the short harvest cycles and high risk farmers endure. During harvest season, a sharp spike in labor is needed to capitalize on harvesting as much food as possible. To help meet this demand, and to ensure as much healthy food reaches the hands of people, we wanted to share a hand in this effort.

What it does

John My DeAR is an AR app that makes John Deere vehicles easy to monitor. Operators would not need to be on premise, and can remotely debug any issues these vehicles run into. Operators would be able to visualize and explore any situation in augmented reality and make decisions when issues occur. This would reduce idle monitoring time and strategic actionability. By reducing this bottleneck, we hope to maximize harvest efficiency.

How we built it

We utilized Swift UI and Reality Kit to compose are augmented reality system natively.

Challenges we ran into

We are complete amateurs in the delicate art of Swift UI and Reality Kit. We were working in an unknown framework, language, system, and development culture. This significantly made us realize how ambitious we were, but we tried our hardest to manifest what we can.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have successfully made an app that fully demonstrate the capability of this system.

What we learned

Reality Kit may not be what we're looking for. There are intricacies and constraints within the iOS SDK tools.

What's next for John My DeAR

We will truly make John My DeAR. We will simulate a logging system that actively sends messages to the app. The app will actively respond and ensure the AR system is continually in sync.

Built With

  • hackuta
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