People all around the world are struggling with overweight, depression or stress. They visit doctors and take dozens of pills, but there is another way of coping with that. It is jogging. Some people hate running because it's high-intensity exercise. However, jogging is not, this is more a stamina building exercise, which can help you lose weight, improve your heart health and immune system, build muscle strength and reduce risk of having a list of deseases. So we've decided to make an app that allows people to jog everyday while having fun and building new connections.

What it does

At first user will see Welcome page, then after registering or signing in, person will see his activity during the past week. User can also look through the list of athletes nearby and choose one to jog with. After that person will choose the route with a map, time and then calories and steps will be automatically calculated.

How we built it

We've built it with Appwrite, NodeJS and MongoDB. Also we've usea Expo Go which made it easier to work with React-Native.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of knoweledge in backend development and native. Nethertheless, we've reached our goals and satisfied with the result that we've got in this short period of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We proud of managing our work as not all of us are in the same timezone. We've learnt Appwrite to make our app real and clickable.

What we learned

Our team are experienced in React. However, we had to learn how to use Native and Appwrite. With the help of tutorials and articles we've managed to do that. Also we've learnt more about NodeJS and MongoDB.

What's next for Joggie

We are looking forward to making our app more complicated and add more features that will allow our users have a comfortable run.

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