What inspired my team to create such an app is that the inability of employers not being able to find suitable workers for the jobs and also the fact that peoples search for jobs but those that are not not compatible with their carer choice.

What it does

It makes either an employer search for a suitable candidate for a task or job and a person seeking employment in their respective fields.

How I built it

It was built with android studio for the android mobile platform.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges we ran into are the challenges of the app connecting to the internet and reacting with a database.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The accomplishments that were made were creating the app and adding features to it without the exception of connecting to the database.

What I learned

What we all learned were how to animate, create computer graphics, create android programs and interacting with an online database

What's next for JobWorks

JobWorks is going to go to continue with its creation and goes down make sure that the unemployment rate bettering the country

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