We believe that the current market for crowdsourcing apps hasn't provided the right and complete value, especially for students. Taking that into account, we wanted to make an app that could fulfill a student's need for college life, such as needing help adjusting to their new day-to-day tasks.

What it does

JobTasker is a platform for students to request and offer help to each other. After creating an account, students could view requests near them with the help of a GPS connection, and made a new request as well. Each request has a price offered for the help needed, thus students would make an earning alongside helping their fellow students. Requesting and doing help was made easier with the feature to chat with the other person, making the activity goes smoothly. Lastly, each request made and done could be viewed easily with one tap away from the homepage.

How we built it

We will be using Java as our programming language. We find it suitable for creating a mobile application. For storing information, there will be a database server using MySQL that will be connected with our application server that runs Amazon Web Service. Lastly, we will use API to use the Google Maps service.

Challenges we ran into

Having students with low knowledge about crowdsourcing, yet still having high interest is a challenge that we have never faced before. Designing an appropriate user experience to accommodate a fun and engaging way of learning about crowdsourcing will be a great experience for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to receive positive feedback on the concept and functionality from our target user. It will become a stepping stone to keep readjusting and refining our application in the future.

What we learned

On our first iteration of the application's UI, we learned that our homepage feature (where students could view the existing request) didn't convey the correct amount of information needed. Since then, we have made alterations to it, making sure that our user will know the main information of the request just by looking at it.

What's next for JobTasker

As time goes on, we would like to have the opportunity to expand on JobTasker's functionality, such as adding a new method of payment. We would also like to refine our current functionality, adjusting our application to suit more towards our user needs.

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