We wanted to let the people search for jobs more visually and easy, and nothing is as easy as "swipe"

What it does

It lets you look at jobs like you look at people in Tinder, if you want to apply for a job, a form opens with the required questions the recruiters had set up. Once fulfilled you can continue to "swipe" or look at the ones you have applied before.

How We built it

With lots of redbull and coffe (LOTS). Also with a PHP 7.2 API (powered by symfony framework) for an android app. The server is contained in a docker container, making it easy to bootstrap!

The forms are powered by typeform and created programatically with their API!!

Webhooks are used to store the result of the answers and then sending them to infojobs to apply to an offer.

Challenges we ran into

Docker, learning new APIs, and Docker, also Android and it's dislike of JSONs, and Docker. Having never worked with webhooks before.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Hacking together something to ship (at least to preprod ;-) ). Learning so much, really, we learned a lot.

What We learned

We learned a lot about android and webviews, also about connecting with APIs with PHP. Webooks, never used them before. About the complexity of jobs offers info!

What's next for JobSwipe

If a recruiter API is developed or published we would like to make the recruiter side of the app, we have so many ideas we would like to try, but no way to do it :(

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