We noticed that students from high schools and universities struggle with job interviews, so we decided to create a VR simulator to help them prepare for their interviews. Just enter a job posting link, and JobSeekr does the rest for you!

How does JobSeekr work

JobSeekr provides a unique VR Job Simulation by using advanced algorithms paired with Microsoft's Azure services in order to scrape data from job listing links, and create unique questions relevant to the job.

How we build JobSeekr

We built JobSeekr by splitting up the project into the front end VR and text tools, and the back end job posting scraping text analysis. We used python with JSON data for analyzing text, using Azure Cognitive Services Text Analysis, while on the front end we used Unity for VR as well as Azure Text to Speech and Speech to Text.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that our project can be able to influence others in a positive way by assisting them with their journey in obtaining their desired jobs, as well as easing their experience with public speaking.

What's next for JobSeekr

Our team has planned the future direction of the project. We are going to integrate new technologies to improve current features. For example, adding machine learning to refine web scrapping results and generate more natural questions. Second, expanding the existing contents is also an area we focus on. We plan to add more scenarios such as coffee shops and small town scenes. They are aimed to create a relaxing environment for people to practice speaking confidently during interviews. Also, we are looking for more possibilities which can be implemented, such as deploy it into more platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even a television.

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