Jobscrybe is a full-stack web application that allows you to search for jobs with the ability to analyze how well your resume matches that job with just one click.

What it does

This app will provide users with a job match score based on their resume, indicating keywords on their resume that matches the job description but also keywords that are missing which should be added to their resume thus improving the job match rate score. This allows job seekers to increase their interview chances by having the ability to customize/edit their resume before they apply and save time by working on one platform rather having to copy and paste from another resume builder on to the job board.

How I built it

  • Engineered and designed front end views in React, including custom logo design
  • Formulated an algorithm that returns a score based on the number of matching keywords
  • Constructed database schema and API controllers in Node, Express, and MongoDB
  • Led a team of two engineers by prioritizing features, and establishing product vision

Challenges I ran into

Having limited time and working job APIs that included the full job description

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having an MVP built!

What I learned

Systems Design and better design methods for structuring this type of application and use case

What's next for Jobscrybe

-Reserve the functionality of the algorithm where a number of jobs that would have the highest resume match would now appear based on the skill set and industry stated in the users tailored resume.

-Currently working on partnering with ziprecruiter to have jobs of all industries rather just tech.

-Adding eventbrite (public) API where users would be shown and introduced to networking event based on their job search results and location.

-Implement machine learning



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