1 in every 5 people currently experiences social exclusion. This translates to 1.7 billion people worldwide and a loss of more than $4 trillion dollars in opportunity cost. We found that the main cause of social exclusion is poverty. Therefore, to solve a problem in social exclusion is to solve the problem of poverty. For this purpose, we created our app, Jobs to Grow!

What it does

Jobs to Grow! provide three points of contacts through our web app, mobile app, and digital billboard intended to be implemented at homeless shelter, police station, and libraries. And, to foster a higher level of inclusion, we also create a hololen project to help ease the gap between people who speak different culture or are hearing or visually impaired.

How we built it

On the aspect of the web app, we use react, style, and python. For mobile app, we program using swift on the ios system.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge is during ideation. This is a challenge because although we may know what an objective solution to the problem is, we understand that is also important to consider the presentation aspect as labeling a group as homeless, disabled or unemployed can be a touchy subject.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We make every aspect of our project work as planned and on time!

What we learned

The importance of empathy as well as the use of design-thinking approach

What's next for Jobs To Grow!

Obtain partnership with local government and NGOs for initial funding and establish a market entry for each city as we expand.

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