After 3 painful hours of brainstorming and continuously running out of idea's, we came to the discovery that all features, when combined, would create a robust product that may change the world. This product is "Jobs Make the Difference".

What it does

The focus of the "Jobs Make the Difference" platform is for students in developing nations to get a chance to earn their own money by learning how to code. The courses will be provided free of charge to these students. When they have some level of knowledge they may execute jobs for companies in the western world through a remote freelancing structure. All of this will be paid by the western companies who donate money to the JMtD tuition fund.

How we built it

How we built it JMtD at the end of the hackathon, will not be a working product, it is a list of principles, a concept of sorts, that in the future can be worked out into a great platform that may change the lives of millions.

Challenges we ran into

During the brainstorming and early further developments of the idea, we collided with a lot of very difficult moral issues. One of these issues is that it must be non-profit, even though somehow there must be funds coming in to actually pay for the resources that were needed. Further, there were issues in how we would know who is getting paid. Are all the funds actually going to the person who put in their time and energy to create something for a western company?

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Systematically going through different project phases and keeping track of progress in this phases and in this way reach an end product in a predefined time.

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