The pandemic has been hard on everyone but the deprived class comprising daily wage earners, domestic help, vegetable vendors etc. have been facing economic hardships losing their source of income and bread and thus becoming the collateral damage as the world is testing new strategies in adopting the new normal. Seeing complicated job hunting platforms and none catering to the needs of the daily wage workers and migrant communities inspired me to take a simplified and intuitive approach towards incorporating technology into the lives of the weaker sections of the society. There are small businessmen looking for workers to provide help when it comes to packaging and transportation of goods but the unawareness of opportunities like these has led to a gap in the two sectors of society.

How It Works

The highly simplistic and intuitive platform has two profiles namely Working and Company for both the job searcher and job provider. Based on one's agenda they can choose the profile and get them signed up. Keeping in mind that the deprived communities may not be familiar with English as a language, get intimidated by tech and have a hard time trusting it, we have introduced multiple languages to take in input from the user. Forms have been added in two languages (for the time being) to take in input which has questions like name, location, radius of work,type of work etc. from both profiles post which they will be contacted via phone calls for a personalized job searching experience.A 24*7 helpdesk has also been set up for solving doubts, questions and other queries again supporting multiple languages. Covid-19 protocols have been mentioned as reminders in the midst of job hunting.

How I built it

Finding out about API Hackathon on 26th October,2020 and keeping in mind the time constraints, the working prototype has been designed on google sites and google forms to check the feasibility of the idea though the actual implementation of the idea is via app. For the front end, React is being planned to be used along with using Firebase for authentication purposes. For the backend, Django can be considered along with using a database software like MongoDB .For the multi language support system, a neural network can be used for the translation. The google forms are being used as a data input and storage platform in the working prototype.

Challenges I ran into

The most challenging factor in compiling this idea has been designing a simplified framework which would welcome the deprived sections and build a trust factor between them and technology rather than chasing them off and guiding them to use the traditional methods of job hunting. Another most challenging factor was incorporating multiple languages so that the application is noticed amongst low-wage workers and actually helps the.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the fact that I was able to design a prototype that is not only simple and intuitive but actually solves the real-world problems in providing a platform to the deprived sectors of the society. The highlight of the prototype is that it is applicable to any part of the world and its intuitive structure along with multiple language support systems makes it possible.

What I learned

While studying other applications like LinkedIn, etc. I found them confusing, overwhelming, complicated as well as competitive and under-focused and realized the fact that they are not catering to the needs of daily-wage workers and overlook the deprived sections of society. On looking more into the matter I realized that there isn't any platform specially catering to their needs and in the time of new normal they are still using the old ways of looking for job opportunities.

What's next for JOBS FOR YOU

Jobs For You, being in the initial stages has tremendous potential in solving real world problems of unemployment and targets the minimal-wage workers which are in majority. The following are the areas for development currently being targeted -

1)Multilingualism- Incorporation of a vast number of languages will help the worker in filling accurate information and lead to development of trust on the platform. 2)Personalized Phone Calls- Post registration on the app, the worker and company will be contacted via phone call and email, whichever preferred by them to get an in depth idea of their expectations from the platform and making the most out of the platform. It will also lead to accepting technology with open arms after knowing that it is there to help them. 3) Strict Evaluation Of Working Ethics- In depth analysis of workers and companies registering on the application along with inspection of the workplace , the same uploaded on the platform so that both parties are taken care of and no case of exploitation happens as the deprived sections of the society are the most vulnerable communities. Keeping in mind the pandemic still present, guidelines and optimum measures are to be taken keeping in mind the health of the workers and decreasing the risk of catching the virus.

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