In the past few months, the coronavirus pandemic has put millions of people out of work. Unemployment rates have reached a level never seen before. This context has brought many uncertainties. Thinking about it, Jobotic has come to life. He is a virtual assistant to search for jobs and helps people. Jobotic also has intelligent searches using user historic to find the best jobs!

What it does

Jobotic helps people to find a new job with a smart search. Jobotic is integrated with many job search APIs to find the ideal job.

How I built it

Chatbot/Backend - I created the Chatbot using Kotlin and Spring also I've used and Microsoft Recognize Services to provide a better experience.

Website - I built a website and support chatbot (using Messenger Extension)

Challenges I ran into

In my opinion, the main challenge was to offer a search experience with several APIs in a chatbot interface and also to be correct in the suggestions

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Through technology, we can make people's lives better and create new experiences to solve problems. I'm happy and proud of helping people to overcome this difficult moment. I'm also glad to create a nice system using step forward technologies prepared for the next steps

What I learned

  • Messenger API details
  • integration
  • Microsoft Recognize Services API

What's next for Jobotic - Find a new job

  • Expand to new locations (For now is only US and Brazil)
  • Job and Tips alerts
  • Integration for recruiters

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