Job hunts are tough. Like, real tough. Especially in the Asian market, where stakes are high and competition is rife. Sometimes you just wish there was someone who could simplify the whole process for you and take you through it. Well, now there is. Meet Jobot – the world's first chatbot job consultancy.

What it does

It is a WeChat chatbot that asks the user a series of questions to determine best company fit. It uses IBM Watson for processing and user personality insights like culture fit and sentiment analysis. It then searches through its database of companies to find one that's right for you, and reaches out to them on your behalf. Simple – just as it should be.

How we built it

We used Rivescript, an artificial intelligence scripting language to build the core conversation logic, and then submitted REST requests to IBM Watson for analysis.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest hurdle was getting the chatbot to work on WeChat, honestly. Once we figured that out, though, it was smooth-sailing from then on.

Accomplishments that we proud of

We actually got some sleep at a hackathon. I know, I know – hold the applause. Also, we'd met each other at the hackathon itself, and managed to work together pretty well. I think that's a pretty phenomenal feat.

What I learned

Chatbot scripting. It is a fascinating niche in technology that hasn't really been explored in depth. We are eager to delve deeper into it and discover new ways to use AI in our everyday lives.

What's next for Jobot

With 1.1 BILLION users on WeChat, we can safely say there are great things in store. People already have chat integrated into their daily lives – we plan to capitalize on that.

Tech-wise, we plan to buff up the analytics, so companies can use Jobot as a prescreening measure for their initial interview processes. This will allow them to save both time and money by filtering out applicants who might not be a good fit for the company or position. We also plan to install an admin dashboard for companies to keep track of their potential applicants, with possible integrations with other talent platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn.

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