Jobocar - The Car Sharing Revolution

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To have decentralized peer to peer car sharing with any crypto currency payments based on Ethereum Network.

What it does

Offers to rent a car from someone who offers his own for money like a normal car sharing service. Also offers to share own private car for any crypto currency based on Ethereum Network.

Solving problems

  • Sharing car availability (95% of staying cars)
  • Earn extra money
  • First step to self driving sharing cars

How we built it

Angular for the frontend UI of renter, car owner and the vehicle device. Smart Contracts written in Solidity and deployed on Ethereum blockchain for the backend implementation. Python for updating E-Paper display. Raspberry Pi with LTE modem, GPS tracker, RFID reader, 4k camera and a 15" touchscreen for vehicle hardware kit. Continues deployment with Circle CI and Github Pages.

Challenges we ran into

  • Integrate custom styled Google Maps and render radius driving areas.
  • Building the hardware kit with Raspberry PI, LTE modem, GPS Tracker, RFID reader, 4k camera and 15" touchscreen.
  • Setup E-Paper display and deploying automatically generated QR codes.
  • Setup internet connectivity trough the LTE modem and a SIM Card.
  • Building a lot of UI components.
  • Integrating in to the dApp.
  • No time to sleep

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We build our first hardware prototype on a hackathon
  • We build a lot of UI component to deliver better understanding of our idea
  • We solved the deployment problem of a picture on an E-Paper display
  • Invent new crypto graphic scheme to create secure expirable QR codes
  • Sleeping only 5 hours over more then 40 hours of staying awake
  • Integrated token swam with

What we learned

  • How to working with Raspberry Pi, LTE modem and E-Paper display
  • How to work with Google Maps
  • How to integrate

What's next for Jobocar

We are open for offerings.


Created by Crypto Maniacs 2019
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