The idea, Joblin was inspired when we noticed that facebook is not offering any service related to job listings or search. Then we thought that if we could build a chatbot, that could help the billion Facebook users land their dream job.

What it does

Joblin helps users find jobs on Facebook Messenger relating to their profile information and queries provided. With Joblin you can get job listings from the web right from messenger.

How We built it

Joblin is built on a NodeJS server which is hosted on Heroku currently. We made use of Indreed - a job aggregate REST API, to get job listings from top job search engines, then process it and suggest jobs that best fits the users based on the profile details and queries.

Challenges We ran Into

This is our first time of using NodeJS and the Facebook Graph API for such an advanced projects, thank God it's JavaScript. Most of the challenges we faced was not being able to handle errors as quick as possible (due to the first experience).

Accomplishments That We are proud of

Being able to turn Facebook to the next employment website for billion users.

What We learned

We learnt a lot while building this app, which includes: i. Rendering results to the Facebook server through an external end point ii. Properly interact with job seekers to determine their interests and how to solve their problems iii. Filtering out the best results for the users and storing the user's preferences for future use

What's next for Joblin

We've lot of features in pack to be unleashed as soon as possible on Joblin, which includes:

  1. Being able to share your location directly from messenger and locate job vacancies nearby
  2. Being able to upload your CV and using it to get job listings that best fits your skills and experiences
  3. Add support for multiple languages
  4. Curating accurate and targeted jobs for the users based on their location
  5. Reading through images to extract user data for fetching matching jobs .

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