Job seekers are trapped in illicit businesses such as fake massage parlors as prostitutes or in other companies with stringent labor conditions. The trafficking market is extreme when it comes to recruiting victims through fake job ads. We want to ensure those applying for jobs get what they’re actually looking for rather than being trapped in illicit businesses of extreme labor or sex trafficking conditions.

What it does

JOBIFY is a platform that allows job seekers to ensure whether the Job they are seeking is real or not. This is a Very Simple Mechanism! When you open the app, you will be given the chance to select a button that says “Analyze Validity”. Once that button is clicked, a camera is opened, where you can snap a picture of the job flyer or description and send the picture to Jobify. What Jobify does is: take this image and run it through a database of multiple real and fake job ads, and uses machine learning to analyze whether the snapped picture is real or fake. If real, the user is prompted to proceed with their job application process, however if fake, the user will be alerted by Jobify’s system to have caution as the job may be a trap.

How we built it

Using Machine Learning, Python, and X-code.

Challenges we ran into

We ran to many challenges learning new software platforms and languages, but at the end of the day, learned new things, which is what matters.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a machine learning model and working with swift

What we learned

X-Code, Python integration with Swift Platform, and Machine Learning implementations

What's next for Jobify

GPS Tracking is an idea that we plan to implement in the near future to aid Jobify user if they choose to ignore the Fake Job Alert. In this case, when the user goes to the job interview, they will address Jobify the amount of time they are at interview location. If they pass this period or if the the location services are switched off, Jobify will alert the Police and County Trafficking departments on suspicious situation. We will also be tracking battery in the background to ensure location did not stop due to low battery terms.

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