A web Application to help you optimize your Linkedin Profile to get shortlisted for your dream interview. By using Jobify you increase your chances to get your profile discovered! There are so many worthy candidates who miss out just because they do not have the right info on their profiles or resumes. With most companies now using Application Tracking Systems optimizing your resume/profile is a necessity. We not only tell you your profile score but also help you improve it by recommending keywords to add to your profile.


  1. Job Seekers

    The App: We are using Rhine’s semantic distance API to compare LinkedIn profiles/resumes to job descriptions (AlchemyAPI to extract the most relevant data) and translating that into a quantified number which serves as a comparison tool.

    One can compare that score to a current employee of the organization. Based on the inputs we also suggest the job seeker some keywords to add to their LinkedIn profile/resume which increases their likelihood of being discovered and shortlisted!!

  2. Organizations HR

    Organizations receive millions of applications – Google receives approx. 1 million applications/ year. Our software can help filter out applicants. Using semantic data score is much better than keyword search hence giving the employers a better chance of not missing out on the right candidate. Organizations can compare these scores to the average of their high performing employees and filter out large number of applications hence saving time and resources to short list candidates.

  3. Selling Data Analytics & Job Posting – Predicting the most employable candidate with rich data collection history

    With time our software is going to become much more sophisticated and more accurate. As we build this applicant pool, we can start predicting above which score for each skill is the applicant going to be successful. We can then sell this data directly to companies or use it to start recommending for jobs available.

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