Finding love can be difficult, especially when life just 'gets in the way.' Tinder is filled with weirdos, Bumble isn't much better, and Coffee Meets Bagel is a tad bit too serious for everyone. What if love could be found at every sight? This was the inspiration for Jobie - an app for smarter dating, better matches, and #LoveonAutopilot.

What it does

Our pitch deck for Jobie is available here:

Learn more about Jobie at

How I built it

Using the best of Azure Cognitive Services, we were able to mine information from the limited sources of data available through the Tinder API and extract information that call allow us to more accurately determine compatibility. This gives the user recommendations based on what they are specifically attracted to, not based on an ELO score that makes relationships a competition.

Challenges I ran into

For our frontend we used React. This was the first time we attempted to do this. This involved learning how to develop React applications from scratch which understandably did not go smoothly. Import issues meant that the frontend did not work which meant that it was not possible to implement out designs. At the same time, an hour before submissions, our use of the private Tinder API led to the blocking of our facebook accounts taking down our backend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We designed a 4-tier data processing pipeline that was able to collect information and mine it to extract user information.

What I learned

  • Docker
  • YAML
  • Flask Endpoints
  • Azure Cognitive Services

What's next for Jobie?

We look forward to continuing development of the app and creating better ways to connect people and help everyone find love.

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