Inspiration (The problem)

Job search for IT is constantly evolving, and in an increasing speed. In the world today employees are always "on the market", looking for their next challenge, and the demand for them is constantly rising. This makes the old fashioned way of finding and applying to a job irrelevant.

What it does (The solution)

HackJobs disrupts the way we search jobs - employers and employees are finally even. An employee looking for a job does not only see job offers, but also other candidates around him and their salary expectations, to help him better decide what he's worth. An employer looking for employees does not only see candidates, but also other job offerings given by companies around him.

On HackJobs everybody knows everything

How we built it

Using Sketch, Zeplin, php, JS (including leaflet), Symfony, Nginx.

Challenges we ran into

While trying to understand the main pain IT employees suffer in the job search process today, we found out that things are very different from country to country. Luckily, we had so many Spanish IT people around us - midnight interviews helped us greatly!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Lean startup workflow, focusing on the problem.
  • The neat design - HackJobs is a facelift to job search portals
  • The innovative all-directional job search idea.

What we learned

Job search in different countires is different, but the crave for innovation in this area is common worldwide.

What's next for JobHack

  • Convincing employees and employers to try the system and to share salary related data.
  • Improving the new user signup (e.g. extracting data from pdf CV).
  • Automating the system using more InfoJobs API capabilities.
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