We have been inspired by some great purposes : People help, Solidarity...The SMART CITY concept And making our city a SMART one.

What it does

It allows users to post requests about their daily needs (baby-sitting for example). Once, the request is published, it will be seen by jobbers. The interested ones will post the offer, and they can communicate with applicant to negotiate details. Finally, Applicant may accept the jobber offer, or may not.

How we built it

We have devided work into two parts: The front-end part which has been developped by using 'HTML5';"CSS3", "Bootstrap", and the back-end part which has been develpped by Laravel (php framework), and MySQL for database requests.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Learning laravel in only two days .
  2. After two nights without sleeping, we still have energy and concentration. Our secret is motivation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We have made a web site in only two days.
  2. We are proud of our work, because we beleive in our idea, and we beleive in the positive changement could be made, especially concerning the collaborative economy.
  3. In a word, we are proud because we have participated in this event, and we have made our mark in the samrt city project

What we learned

  1. We learned that nothing is impossible,we can learn. We have to beleive in ourselves and in our aims.
  2. We learned how to be innovative, how to view society in different way to identify the problems and try to find intelligent and modern solutions.
  3. We learned how to work with a team, how to face stress and difficult moments, how to be patient and how to exploit our competences.

## What's next for JobExpress

  1. A mobile version application to satisfy the customers needs.
  2. Create our startup.
  3. Enlarge our market.
  4. Our startup will continue in the Smart Citizens feild, and we will try to resolve the maximum number of job problems.
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